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We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and gladly accept donations to help support our work.

Pay Pal to donate@ecmcr.org
Or mail donations to:
East Coast Maine Coon Rescue
C/O Debbie Salerno
241 Creek Road
Apartment 14
Keansburg NJ 07734



Adoption Application

Please complete the below ECMCR Adoption Application to apply to adopt an ECMCR cat/kitten.

Please bear in mind that due to the high demand for ECMCR cats/kittens, a selected cat applied for is never guaranteed and may not be available, assuming you are approved as an adopter by ECMCR. In that instance, ECMCR case managers will work with you to find another suitable ECMCR cat/kitten.

Please complete the Application below to provide ECMCR with the information needed in order to process a request to adopt a cat/kitten in ECMCR's care.

Please note that you will be asked to provide a copy of your current Drivers License or State ID to your Case Manager.

ECMCR cat you are interested in adopting:
How did you find us?
Your First Name:
Your Last Name:
State:     Zip: 
Daytime Phone Number (9-5):
What is the best time to reach you?
Cell Phone Number:
E-mail Address:



Your Occupation:
Working Hours:
Work Phone:
May We Call You At Work?          


Do You if other:
If you rent, are you allowed to have pets?
Landlord's Name:
Landlord's Phone:
Please List All Household Members -Including You -- Names, Ages, Relationship To You:
Is Anyone In The Home Allergic To Animals?


How Do You Feel About Declawing?
Have You Ever Declawed Your Cat(s)?


 Please list all pets in the home. Include name and ages.
Do You Allow Your Cat(s) Outdoors?
If You Allow Your Cat(s) Outdoors, Are They Unsupervised?


Vet Information:
Name Vet Record is under:
Your Vet's Name:  
Vet's Phone:  
Vet's Hours:  
If you don't have a vet, please explain why below:
Our Policies Require You To Have A Vet Before Adoption. IF You Don't Have A Vet, Are You Willing To Get One (i.e. You Must Register With A Vet And Provide Us With The Vet Information In Advance Of Adoption)?   If you don't have a vet, are you willing to get one?



Personal Reference (must be a non-family member):
Please make sure that your reference knows that ECMCR will be contacting them.
Phone Number:  
Best Time To Call:  


Tell Us A Little Bit About The Cat You Would Like To Adopt:
Desired Age:  
Desired Sex:  
Desired Color:  


Has Anyone Already Corresponded With You About An ECMCR or ECMCR Courtesy Post Cat?
Name of Person:


Should You Adopt From ECMCR, Where Would The Cat Spend The Day?
Should You Adopt From ECMCR, Where Would The Cat Spend The Evening?


Please Provide ECMCR With Any Additional Information You May Wish To Share Below:



Our policy is for applicants to provide a copy of their current Drivers License or State ID. Your Case Manager will collect this document during the interview process.



After your submission of the ECMCR Adoption Application, you will be assigned a Case Manager who will guide you through the ECMCR adoption process.

Please remember that East Coast Maine Coon Rescue (ECMCR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is 100% run by volunteers. ECMCR volunteers will work as quickly as possible to assist you during the adoption application process.

Please bear in mind that selecting your new feline family member may take some time. ECMCR may not have the exact cat you are looking to add to your family in its care. ECMCR will of course try to match you with a suitable cat/kitten as rapidly as we can.

All of the ECMCR cats that are available for adoption are already in a private foster home setting (apart from Courtesy Post cats listed on ECMCR's site that are housed with their caregiver). ECMCR cats have been saved from dangerous situations, and have been appropriately vetted prior to any adoption.

Your Signature:  


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